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New age of Foursquare

Remember that fun game you used to play in elementary school called four square? Well, for people who did not get that joy in elementary school it was a game with four squares and a basketball. That is about all I remember!

The new age of Foursquare is with technology. How do I feel about Foursquare? Well, in my first blog I told you that I thought it was for people to stalk you. Now that I have been learning about Foursquare in my social media class I have a new appreciation for it. It is hard however to get into Foursquare without a smart phone. During class I felt overwhelmed with information that I cannot use. For people who want to check into Foursquare using a laptop, it is impossible. I think that if Foursquare made it possible for people like me to do that check in with a laptop it would be helpful.

So in a year when I get a smart phone, I will know how to use Foursquare. The reason I think it would be fun is because it is like a game. You try to become mayor of a place depending on how many times you check into the place. You can also earn badges for where you check in. Here is a list of all the badges you can earn. I know there are probably many more to this list but some of these are creative. Some badges are for crazy drinking college students (Like me sometimes).  The Bender and Crunked badge is for when you check into a bar either four times in a row or four times in one night! Check out these badges and see how many you can get! Hopefully in the future I can earn badges when I get my smart phone!

Posted by: ellyterhaar | March 10, 2011

What you’re a hoarder?

Yes, yes truth be told I am a hoarder… but not in the sense that you were thinking!

In class we were told to look at an article about the 7 deadly personality disorders of social media. We each went around the room and decided which one we could associate with. For me, that was a hoarder!

The explanation of the hoarder that they give is that they keep information, ideas and tips to themselves. That the hoarders think that their ideas will be valuable in the future. They explain that the purpose of social media is to share. I don’t think that I withhold information from people. I think that I just do not give as much of myself in my blog as I should. I need more of a voice so that people can see the real side of me. Maybe I fear what people think about me through my blog.. I just don’t know. So I am going to change! I will now give the real side of me and not fear what other people think about my ideas! Check out this article and see which personality disorder you are in social media!

Posted by: ellyterhaar | March 9, 2011

Sit back and relax

For my social media class we made a list of social media gurus and ninjas. Five times a week I check out what all of them are saying and posting. It’s fun to not take part in the conversation and sit back and read. Social media gurus and ninjas always have tips to help you with social media. They also retweet things that they share with people that they think would be interesting to someone else. Who is my favorite social media guru? That would be @chrisbrogan.

So I sit back and relax every night and read his tweets from the day with a ice cold beer in hand. And this is what I find out.

He did an online talk on small businesses. It was on Kitchen Table Talk. He sends helpful tips that he thinks would help other people. Yesterday he sent one out by @Julien about tactics in saying “no”. He retweets a lot of other tweets that they wrote. He likes to give positive feedback and get other people to read their stuff. I talked about Chris having a good brand in one of my recent blogs about his brand. He is a person who likes to talk about others and not just him. I think he is fun to follow because he can say things that are funny and he can also have helpful articles for people to read. He is very nice and compliments people which everyone loves!


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Trust Agents: Build an Army

In class, we are reading Trust Agents by Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan) and Julien Smith (@julien). Chris and Julien have an interesting section about how trust agents can help you build your career. Check out these related blogs to better your career! Check out Kelsey’s blog about “Making your Own Game”. Making you own game is about using your resources to leverage yourself above other competition.  Coye is talking about being “Agent Zero”. Agent zero is about building a network of people and friends to get your foot in the door for a career. Finally, Rockey is talking about “The Archimedes Effect”. This is about understanding leverage to help your career. What I am going to focus on is “Building an Army”.

Building your army is building your network, but building your credibility with one person. Chris and Julien sum it up with this quote, “the more people you have vouching for you, the wider your reputation spreads” (242). So what’s my army? I have many small armies that go in different directions. The one that is most important to me is my network with Wollersheim Winery. Working there has allowed me to form friendships with people and also companies. My “commander”, Liesel Olsen, works at Wollersheim with me and she works at The Creative Company. She led me to The Creative Company which led me to #tweetheart event. At the #Tweetheart event a few weeks ago I got my name out and formed lasting relationships with the Madison Social Media Club.  The #tweetheart event was to celebrate the MSMC 1 year anniversary.  It was a lot of fun to mingle and see how people use social media for their jobs. Liesel is always helping me build friendships and networks with other people to help me get a job. Her vouching for me makes me look more credible and appealing to other employers.  And who knows? I might get a job that way! So, building an army can help your career. Get out there and network!

Posted by: ellyterhaar | February 25, 2011

Best vs Worst Brand

You know how my personal brand matches up with the writers of Trust Agents, now we can look at the brands of companies. In class the other day we did a best and worst brand campaign. My favorite brand commercial is the E*trade baby. The reason I picked this to be the best brand is because the commercials are very funny. They make you laugh and you can relate to them. My favorite one is when the two babies are talking and one of them bursts out singing. I think they are short and sweet and show that anyone can use it, yes even babies. It also targets families or adults because when you start investing your money it is usually when you start a family. Also older adults who need to invest for retirement. This brings me to the one where the guy loses his golf bet and does not have enough money to pay the baby back. Very funny!  They use the same voice for the baby and the producer uses different scenarios for the commercial. It makes you wanting for more! The consistency of the commercials helps sell the brand. The worst brand campaign that I had was the Doritos campaign. It grosses me out when the man sucks on the man’s fingers to get the cheese. YUCK!  The target market for Doritos you would think are adults, but how many adults do you know go for Doritos after you see this ad?

You heard some traits of a good brand and a bad brand that I think an ad should have. What is your best and worst brand ad?


Posted by: ellyterhaar | February 23, 2011

Whats your personal brand?

In my social media class the other day, @pinmoneygirl told us to come up with personal brands for some of the celebrities we follow.  We then wrote personal brands for the two authors of Trust Agents, a book that we read for class.  For @julien we said he comes across as blunt, edgy, knowledgeable, and clever. We also said that he is sarcastic, intelligent and talks about others. We compared Julien’s brand to Chris Brogan. Our class thinks @chrisbrogan’s personal brand is polite, politically correct and thoughtful. He is also accessible and thinks about what he says. Both are very different but have excellent personal brands.

For me, I can relate to Chris more than Julien. My personal brand is nice, approachable, humorous and outgoing. I am also laid back and organized. It was hard to think of my personal brand because it is hard describe yourself to other people. I would rather get compliments then compliment myself!

After class I tweeted to @julien and @chrisbrogan to tell them what the class thought about their personal brand. They both replied back and said that they liked the traits of their personal brand that we came up with. Chris Brogan had a special shout out to @Pinmoneygirl (Jennifer Braun) saying that she is “super smart”. You can see that there is never a brand disconnect from Julien Smith and Chris Brogan. They do a good job with maintaining a good personal brand. What personal brand do you associate with more?

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The power of social media

Last night I was on Hootsuite checking out my list called #notmywi.  Let me tell you it was hard to keep up with so many people using that hashtag! It was awesome to see so many people getting involved with this protest! I just wish I could have missed class and gone downtown. If you have kept up with the protest or even protested you know how many people everyday have gone to the capital.  Every time I refreshed the list on Hootsuite it would say that I had 30 unread messages. Tweets pour in every second. It was hard to see read all of the comments about Gov Walker being stupid! Majority of the tweets  said “Don’t let WI Gov Walker call out the Nat’l Guard on workers”. Stand in solidarity with protesters”. After that there was a  link that  let you petition online. Stand in solidarity against Walker is a way you can be active and protest against Gov Walker. Sign the solidarity letter from  the  Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

In my social media class yesterday we talked about how news gets out to everyone through Twitter and Facebook. This is a prime example of how an event  can get big attention from social media. Get involved and try to get this awful bill not passed!

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Do you make these mistakes?

Organizations commonly make communication mistakes that can cause some issues in the company. Some tips that an article that I read from my social media class can help you out!

Communication in an organization is key to a good organization. My favorite tip that they give is “don’t let details fall through the cracks”. I can relate to this one because of some situations with school with having details fall through. In my communications classes there are many group projects. In one of my classes we had to organize class a presentation. We each had a different part to do on our own and then we had to combine it. Since the project got handed off to different people some of the key points we needed to address in the paper got dropped. This was a problem because some people were unclear about what needed to be done by who. We ended up getting a B on the assignment. We could of done a lot better. If I could go back I would go and make a check list with everything that needed to be on the paper and made roles of the group concrete. This is just one  example of how my group could have benefited my group.

Even though this is not an example of an organization I know these tips can relate to your everyday life like it does to mine. Let me know what tip you you can relate to the most!

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Social media facts that WOW you!

My very good friend that I work with tweeted this fact sheet about social media to me. My favorite facts are numbers 2, 5, 9 and 13. I think it is amazing that millions of people are joining Facebook and Twitter. I don’t blame them because it is a very useful tool for us to use. My two favorite uses for Facebook are using it for getting into contact with classmates for college projects and staying in touch with high school friends. Since I left my hometown in Maryland to go to college, it is harder for me to keep in contact with high school friends. The older generation can get in contact with friends they have not seen in 40 years.  Now I am finding them my friends on twitter which is even more fun!

I never realized how much fun I would have on twitter. Now I cannot get off of it! I love to see the celebrities that I look up to. I love reading their tweets about their lives. Check out my list of celebrities I like to follow.  I especially love following my Food-network celebrities because they share recipes on their twitter.  Let me know your feelings on Twitter and connecting with celebrities.

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When Love is in the Air!

What do you do when you get a new boyfriend and don’t want him to see your Facebook? Friend him or don’t friend him? My recommendation after reading New Love? is to look over your profile before you accept his friend request. This step by step guide will let you know how to keep certain things private from your new love interest. You can block posts, photos and even your friend’s posts and photos he might see on their wall.

Also make sure you figure out what “status” you want your new lover to be. You can always choose to have nothing in the status line so it doesn’t get complicated. I know from experience that if you get out of a relationship and it says “single” people that you don’t even know will ask you what happened.  Once your become closer to your new boyfriend you may want to unblock him from certain things to let him know the real side of you!

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