Posted by: ellyterhaar | May 4, 2011

Goodbye world… not for long

My very first blog said “Hello World”, so I feel “Goodbye World” is very fitting. For me, this blog was an introductory blog. Hence, the name of it. I came into this blog with fears and doubts. I told everyone in my first blog that I hope newbie’s like me will use this blog to help them. I hope I got some followers! My main goal that I said was “By the end of this blog… have a positive outlook for the online world around me”. Goal accomplished thanks to the wonderful @pinmoneygirl.  My special topics communication class at Edgewood College has made me master the art that is called social media.

My biggest fear was being able to juggle all five different types of social media without a smart phone. It surprised me that I could do it all with my computer on hootsuite.  Bogging for me was another doubt. It took awhile for me to come into my voice. Once I figured out what I love to write about it all fell into place. I surprised myself a lot during my last semester at college. I never knew how much I would love to tweet! I must say I am not the best live tweeter but I try!

My social media story is one of change. I changed my negative outlook on social media to a positive one. Tweeting  and blogging are now as natural as texting to me. Whats my next step towards social media? Moving to a new blogging topic with my roommates about the world, fashion and food. Keeping in touch with my social media gurus and making my list more robust. And finally, getting a smart phone!


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