Posted by: ellyterhaar | April 27, 2011

Animals can tweet too?

Imagine yourself watching the Brew Crew aka Brewers play ball on a lazy Saturday. They come back from commercial break and you see a hawk take down a pigeon in the middle of the field. The hawk then stays in the outfield for a minute or two. Yes, that was me along with millions of other viewers. Lets just say I was laughing for a long time after that!

This Brewer hawk has claimed instant fame and won the hearts of  all of the Brewers fans. He also has his own twitter feed! You can read his tweets at @MillerParkHawk. I must say my favorite tweets are when he uses the hashtag #hawkthoughts. He also uses the hashtag #caw. This again does not help my procrastination! I am one of those people who enjoys reading tweets rather and tweeting my own! I know I am in the creeper group!  I want to know who is thinking up all of these funny tweets from the hawk. I was just at the Brewer game on Monday night and got a glimpse of the celebrity hawk! This isn’t just one case of an animal getting fame from twitter. You can follow the @BronxZooCobra that went missing from the zoo. He also has  some funny hashtags!



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