Posted by: ellyterhaar | April 22, 2011

Come on Motivation!

I was checking out my social media gurus tweets to get motivation. Since my college career is ending soon I have lost motivation with all school work. Bad, I know. I came across an article tweeted by @DanSchawbel about 10 bloggers sharing their tips on how to stay motivated. I decided to read!

Two that I found very motivating was “make most of momentum” and “go back to the beginning. When I get inspired to blog I go at it. When I feel like it is forced out of me it takes me an hour to blog. Making most of the momentum means to take advantage of that inspired blog energy. Keep writing and let all your ideas out. I went back to see my older blog posts to see if I could get inspired. I need to figure out my main goal of my blog. This was an introductory blog for me. To help me to see that I can actually blog and maybe help those people who want to blog to get inspired.

I decided that after my social media class I am going to stop blogging about social media and blog with my other two roommates. We already have a whole blog idea ready to go for the summer. I feel like I will be more  motivated to blog about wine and food because that is my passion! Who knows if I get a job dealing with social media I can continue on with this one. You never know where life can take you!


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