Posted by: ellyterhaar | April 20, 2011

Community vs Competition

Would you rather have a  community or competition based class? That is the question for the day. We discussed in class the other day if you would rather have competition or community with your classmates. Personally, I would rather have community, but competition is usually how class works.

Being a communication studies major I think I am more used to competition than community. Even though I would like it to be more community based. In this major we work a lot in groups. I always feel that there is always that one person to do all the work and there is always a person who does not put in any work. With working in teams you have to be able to work as a group and get the best grade possible. However, there is that one person who wants to get a better grade in the group. I am not saying communication studies majors are selfish and only want to sabotage their team members. I am saying being able to work in a team is a major skill that everyone should have. I have learned it from school because I was never in sports teams. I choose to sing my way through high school! I do not regret my decision doing that and am glad I learned valuable skills in college.

Over my four years at Edgewood College, I have worked in plenty of groups and teams. I truly think it is a skill. Being in a communications major helps you build this sense of team work. Would you rather be more community or competition based in the classroom?


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