Posted by: ellyterhaar | April 5, 2011

So you think you can live tweet?

So you think you can live tweet? I think this would be a perfect game idea for a show. Have a contest to see who the best at live tweeting an event is. I would probably be one of the first ones to be eliminated! Like they say practice makes perfect!

In my social media class we are practicing live tweeting. So far, we have tweeted the first game of the Brewers and one Kitchen Table Talks with @chrisbrogan. Let me tell you it is more work than you think! I find it hard to keep up. When you finally have something to say someone has either already said it or it isn’t relevant anymore. Make sure you are good at multitasking. Make sure you can have one ear open and your hands typing fast. Read others live tweets and see if you can start a conversation to make it fun. Also make a special hash tag so that everyone can see your ideas in one place. Tip: check to see if the hash tag is taken before you get one started. Just a few of my ideas on live tweeting. By the end of this class I will be a pro!


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