Posted by: ellyterhaar | March 29, 2011

What turns you off about a Twitter bio?

I was looking at what my social media ninja’s and guru’s were talking about after class today and stumbled upon a great link that was retweeted by @Lieselolson. Topic: 5 phrases that ruin your Twitter bio. I never realized that people look at your Twitter bio for a first impression. For Amber Avines, the Twitter bio could make or break who follows you.

I am in the clear! None of these are in my bio! I have to agree that if someone put either their political views or religious views in their Twitter bio that would make me not want to follow them. Everyone has different views and they should not want make us think a certain way. The other “rule” I definitely see is that people tell you that they tweet a lot or they always follow you back. Chances are that the person really doesn’t care! So make your Twitter bio personable and a little fun to catch the eye of a client or new friend.



  1. May I also add that I don’t follow ‘eggs’? If you can’t get your profile together before you start activity, you haven’t earned my follow. It sounds snobby, but really it shows me that you don’t have a strategy – that you may not be committed.

    Certainly you have to be yourself, but disregarding the rules mentioned in that article is going to limit you significantly.

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