Posted by: ellyterhaar | March 22, 2011

New age of Foursquare

Remember that fun game you used to play in elementary school called four square? Well, for people who did not get that joy in elementary school it was a game with four squares and a basketball. That is about all I remember!

The new age of Foursquare is with technology. How do I feel about Foursquare? Well, in my first blog I told you that I thought it was for people to stalk you. Now that I have been learning about Foursquare in my social media class I have a new appreciation for it. It is hard however to get into Foursquare without a smart phone. During class I felt overwhelmed with information that I cannot use. For people who want to check into Foursquare using a laptop, it is impossible. I think that if Foursquare made it possible for people like me to do that check in with a laptop it would be helpful.

So in a year when I get a smart phone, I will know how to use Foursquare. The reason I think it would be fun is because it is like a game. You try to become mayor of a place depending on how many times you check into the place. You can also earn badges for where you check in. Here is a list of all the badges you can earn. I know there are probably many more to this list but some of these are creative. Some badges are for crazy drinking college students (Like me sometimes).  The Bender and Crunked badge is for when you check into a bar either four times in a row or four times in one night! Check out these badges and see how many you can get! Hopefully in the future I can earn badges when I get my smart phone!



  1. Elly, first off love the image…it brought back soo many memories from grade school!! I effin’ loved foursquare!!! When I was a kid, we used to make up certain categories like wrestlers for example and then someone would bounce the ball in someone else’s square. Not only did they have to bounce it into someone else’s square, but they had to name a wrestler, etc. that wasn’t yet named. Too bad Edgewood didn’t have recess then maybe we could play sometime! : )
    Back to the real topic at hand though….I totally see where you’re coming from about the inability to use FourSquare from a laptop or desktop. It is a nuisance; however, the reason they do that is for GPS purposes. Just like that YouTube video Jennifer showed, people would be able to “cheat” by checking into places they weren’t really at. Lame, I know, but that’s their rules. Right now I’m in a little battle with my neighbor. He keeps stealing my mayorship. It’s like are you serious, dude? We live at the same complex. Are you trying to prove you don’t have a life by always being home? It’s hilarious. When you get a chance to really use it though, check it out. It can be fun!

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