Posted by: ellyterhaar | March 10, 2011

What you’re a hoarder?

Yes, yes truth be told I am a hoarder… but not in the sense that you were thinking!

In class we were told to look at an article about the 7 deadly personality disorders of social media. We each went around the room and decided which one we could associate with. For me, that was a hoarder!

The explanation of the hoarder that they give is that they keep information, ideas and tips to themselves. That the hoarders think that their ideas will be valuable in the future. They explain that the purpose of social media is to share. I don’t think that I withhold information from people. I think that I just do not give as much of myself in my blog as I should. I need more of a voice so that people can see the real side of me. Maybe I fear what people think about me through my blog.. I just don’t know. So I am going to change! I will now give the real side of me and not fear what other people think about my ideas! Check out this article and see which personality disorder you are in social media!


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