Posted by: ellyterhaar | March 9, 2011

Sit back and relax

For my social media class we made a list of social media gurus and ninjas. Five times a week I check out what all of them are saying and posting. It’s fun to not take part in the conversation and sit back and read. Social media gurus and ninjas always have tips to help you with social media. They also retweet things that they share with people that they think would be interesting to someone else. Who is my favorite social media guru? That would be @chrisbrogan.

So I sit back and relax every night and read his tweets from the day with a ice cold beer in hand. And this is what I find out.

He did an online talk on small businesses. It was on Kitchen Table Talk. He sends helpful tips that he thinks would help other people. Yesterday he sent one out by @Julien about tactics in saying “no”. He retweets a lot of other tweets that they wrote. He likes to give positive feedback and get other people to read their stuff. I talked about Chris having a good brand in one of my recent blogs about his brand. He is a person who likes to talk about others and not just him. I think he is fun to follow because he can say things that are funny and he can also have helpful articles for people to read. He is very nice and compliments people which everyone loves!




  1. Elly, you are getting better at having your “voice” come through in your posts. I think you hold yourself back by worrying too much, and over thinking everything. You are a smart little lady, and it shows. Keep up the great content, and continue pushing your voice through! To be completely honest, I enjoy using social media, but I am so sick of reading all of the “guru’s” blogs. I like hearing what my classmates have to say. I guess I should enjoy the guru’s blogs, since they are meant to help me with my own…but seriously, *YAWN*.

  2. I think that promoting other people and their thoughts are really important, but sometimes it’s just too much. Sometimes I wish that I could know what they’re thinking though, instead of having retweets. I know that’s not the way social media works because it’s about promotion and getting names and concepts out to as many people as possible. So I guess, like Randi, I like reading our class blogs because they’re opinions opposed to redistributing somebody else’s thoughts!

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