Posted by: ellyterhaar | March 3, 2011

Trust Agents: Build an Army

In class, we are reading Trust Agents by Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan) and Julien Smith (@julien). Chris and Julien have an interesting section about how trust agents can help you build your career. Check out these related blogs to better your career! Check out Kelsey’s blog about “Making your Own Game”. Making you own game is about using your resources to leverage yourself above other competition.  Coye is talking about being “Agent Zero”. Agent zero is about building a network of people and friends to get your foot in the door for a career. Finally, Rockey is talking about “The Archimedes Effect”. This is about understanding leverage to help your career. What I am going to focus on is “Building an Army”.

Building your army is building your network, but building your credibility with one person. Chris and Julien sum it up with this quote, “the more people you have vouching for you, the wider your reputation spreads” (242). So what’s my army? I have many small armies that go in different directions. The one that is most important to me is my network with Wollersheim Winery. Working there has allowed me to form friendships with people and also companies. My “commander”, Liesel Olsen, works at Wollersheim with me and she works at The Creative Company. She led me to The Creative Company which led me to #tweetheart event. At the #Tweetheart event a few weeks ago I got my name out and formed lasting relationships with the Madison Social Media Club.  The #tweetheart event was to celebrate the MSMC 1 year anniversary.  It was a lot of fun to mingle and see how people use social media for their jobs. Liesel is always helping me build friendships and networks with other people to help me get a job. Her vouching for me makes me look more credible and appealing to other employers.  And who knows? I might get a job that way! So, building an army can help your career. Get out there and network!


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