Posted by: ellyterhaar | February 25, 2011

Best vs Worst Brand

You know how my personal brand matches up with the writers of Trust Agents, now we can look at the brands of companies. In class the other day we did a best and worst brand campaign. My favorite brand commercial is the E*trade baby. The reason I picked this to be the best brand is because the commercials are very funny. They make you laugh and you can relate to them. My favorite one is when the two babies are talking and one of them bursts out singing. I think they are short and sweet and show that anyone can use it, yes even babies. It also targets families or adults because when you start investing your money it is usually when you start a family. Also older adults who need to invest for retirement. This brings me to the one where the guy loses his golf bet and does not have enough money to pay the baby back. Very funny!  They use the same voice for the baby and the producer uses different scenarios for the commercial. It makes you wanting for more! The consistency of the commercials helps sell the brand. The worst brand campaign that I had was the Doritos campaign. It grosses me out when the man sucks on the man’s fingers to get the cheese. YUCK!  The target market for Doritos you would think are adults, but how many adults do you know go for Doritos after you see this ad?

You heard some traits of a good brand and a bad brand that I think an ad should have. What is your best and worst brand ad?




  1. I love the visual. It reinforces what you’re saying. I also love how you state using babies shows the simplicity of e*trade. That is a very good point. As far as the Doritos commercial goes, I agree; that is completely repulsive. I’m glad you chose to compare best vs. worst here because it’s so much easier to talk about what we like the most, as shown in class.

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