Posted by: ellyterhaar | February 23, 2011

Whats your personal brand?

In my social media class the other day, @pinmoneygirl told us to come up with personal brands for some of the celebrities we follow.  We then wrote personal brands for the two authors of Trust Agents, a book that we read for class.  For @julien we said he comes across as blunt, edgy, knowledgeable, and clever. We also said that he is sarcastic, intelligent and talks about others. We compared Julien’s brand to Chris Brogan. Our class thinks @chrisbrogan’s personal brand is polite, politically correct and thoughtful. He is also accessible and thinks about what he says. Both are very different but have excellent personal brands.

For me, I can relate to Chris more than Julien. My personal brand is nice, approachable, humorous and outgoing. I am also laid back and organized. It was hard to think of my personal brand because it is hard describe yourself to other people. I would rather get compliments then compliment myself!

After class I tweeted to @julien and @chrisbrogan to tell them what the class thought about their personal brand. They both replied back and said that they liked the traits of their personal brand that we came up with. Chris Brogan had a special shout out to @Pinmoneygirl (Jennifer Braun) saying that she is “super smart”. You can see that there is never a brand disconnect from Julien Smith and Chris Brogan. They do a good job with maintaining a good personal brand. What personal brand do you associate with more?


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