Posted by: ellyterhaar | February 18, 2011

The power of social media

Last night I was on Hootsuite checking out my list called #notmywi.  Let me tell you it was hard to keep up with so many people using that hashtag! It was awesome to see so many people getting involved with this protest! I just wish I could have missed class and gone downtown. If you have kept up with the protest or even protested you know how many people everyday have gone to the capital.  Every time I refreshed the list on Hootsuite it would say that I had 30 unread messages. Tweets pour in every second. It was hard to see read all of the comments about Gov Walker being stupid! Majority of the tweets  said “Don’t let WI Gov Walker call out the Nat’l Guard on workers”. Stand in solidarity with protesters”. After that there was a  link that  let you petition online. Stand in solidarity against Walker is a way you can be active and protest against Gov Walker. Sign the solidarity letter from  the  Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

In my social media class yesterday we talked about how news gets out to everyone through Twitter and Facebook. This is a prime example of how an event  can get big attention from social media. Get involved and try to get this awful bill not passed!


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