Posted by: ellyterhaar | February 16, 2011

Do you make these mistakes?

Organizations commonly make communication mistakes that can cause some issues in the company. Some tips that an article that I read from my social media class can help you out!

Communication in an organization is key to a good organization. My favorite tip that they give is “don’t let details fall through the cracks”. I can relate to this one because of some situations with school with having details fall through. In my communications classes there are many group projects. In one of my classes we had to organize class a presentation. We each had a different part to do on our own and then we had to combine it. Since the project got handed off to different people some of the key points we needed to address in the paper got dropped. This was a problem because some people were unclear about what needed to be done by who. We ended up getting a B on the assignment. We could of done a lot better. If I could go back I would go and make a check list with everything that needed to be on the paper and made roles of the group concrete. This is just one  example of how my group could have benefited my group.

Even though this is not an example of an organization I know these tips can relate to your everyday life like it does to mine. Let me know what tip you you can relate to the most!



  1. Great post. Did you use a checklist for the blog project?

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