Posted by: ellyterhaar | February 4, 2011

Why Google?

One student in my social media class found this interesting article about why we trust Google. Ever since I started using the internet I can always remember using Google. Everyone who I talk to uses Google as a search engine. When I ask about Bing I get mixed comments about it. Personally, I have never used Bing so I cannot say anything about it. If you have thoughts on Bing let me know!

So why do we trust Google? Why do we trust Google to get us places we have never been? Do you ever look at a map for directions?  For me I have always used Google and it has never let me down. I can never recall a time where the server has been not working, or ending up at a wrong destination. I also look forward to seeing how Google is decorated on special occasions. If you have never noticed take a look on the next holiday!



  1. I completely agree Elly. I love google and use it always for my primary search engine. Its convenient as I use Gmail and can have everything I need on one page that also functions as a search area. Though I have tried to used Bing I was not impressed enough to switch over from Google. 🙂

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