Posted by: ellyterhaar | January 28, 2011

Facebook is fun!

In my social media class my classmates and I have experiences with receiving NewsFeeds from people we barely know about their lives.  People do not think about how what they say on Facebook will impact their lives. It could be negative if they disclose too much to the public. We discussed that on some occasions you can get “called out” on certain things you say or do. We learned some Facebook “etiquette” in class the other day. One thing that stuck with me is to not say something that you want the whole world to know.

This is how Facebook could impact a persons life by making Facebook a more enjoyable place to be on. I found this very interesting article about how Facebook NewsFeeds have cut down the amount of spam you get. Now instead of getting information about your Facebook friend’s game they just played, you get recently posted statuses. This decline in spam has helped Facebook maintain the positive reaction their users get from Facebook. It is interesting to me that Facebook can see how many times a message or NewsFeed is reported as spam and they can block it. I did not know that there is a regulation behind everything you do on Facebook. Just one of the many things I am learning during my social media class.


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