Posted by: ellyterhaar | May 4, 2011

Goodbye world… not for long

My very first blog said “Hello World”, so I feel “Goodbye World” is very fitting. For me, this blog was an introductory blog. Hence, the name of it. I came into this blog with fears and doubts. I told everyone in my first blog that I hope newbie’s like me will use this blog to help them. I hope I got some followers! My main goal that I said was “By the end of this blog… have a positive outlook for the online world around me”. Goal accomplished thanks to the wonderful @pinmoneygirl.  My special topics communication class at Edgewood College has made me master the art that is called social media.

My biggest fear was being able to juggle all five different types of social media without a smart phone. It surprised me that I could do it all with my computer on hootsuite.  Bogging for me was another doubt. It took awhile for me to come into my voice. Once I figured out what I love to write about it all fell into place. I surprised myself a lot during my last semester at college. I never knew how much I would love to tweet! I must say I am not the best live tweeter but I try!

My social media story is one of change. I changed my negative outlook on social media to a positive one. Tweeting  and blogging are now as natural as texting to me. Whats my next step towards social media? Moving to a new blogging topic with my roommates about the world, fashion and food. Keeping in touch with my social media gurus and making my list more robust. And finally, getting a smart phone!

Posted by: ellyterhaar | April 27, 2011

Animals can tweet too?

Imagine yourself watching the Brew Crew aka Brewers play ball on a lazy Saturday. They come back from commercial break and you see a hawk take down a pigeon in the middle of the field. The hawk then stays in the outfield for a minute or two. Yes, that was me along with millions of other viewers. Lets just say I was laughing for a long time after that!

This Brewer hawk has claimed instant fame and won the hearts of  all of the Brewers fans. He also has his own twitter feed! You can read his tweets at @MillerParkHawk. I must say my favorite tweets are when he uses the hashtag #hawkthoughts. He also uses the hashtag #caw. This again does not help my procrastination! I am one of those people who enjoys reading tweets rather and tweeting my own! I know I am in the creeper group!  I want to know who is thinking up all of these funny tweets from the hawk. I was just at the Brewer game on Monday night and got a glimpse of the celebrity hawk! This isn’t just one case of an animal getting fame from twitter. You can follow the @BronxZooCobra that went missing from the zoo. He also has  some funny hashtags!

Posted by: ellyterhaar | April 22, 2011

Come on Motivation!

I was checking out my social media gurus tweets to get motivation. Since my college career is ending soon I have lost motivation with all school work. Bad, I know. I came across an article tweeted by @DanSchawbel about 10 bloggers sharing their tips on how to stay motivated. I decided to read!

Two that I found very motivating was “make most of momentum” and “go back to the beginning. When I get inspired to blog I go at it. When I feel like it is forced out of me it takes me an hour to blog. Making most of the momentum means to take advantage of that inspired blog energy. Keep writing and let all your ideas out. I went back to see my older blog posts to see if I could get inspired. I need to figure out my main goal of my blog. This was an introductory blog for me. To help me to see that I can actually blog and maybe help those people who want to blog to get inspired.

I decided that after my social media class I am going to stop blogging about social media and blog with my other two roommates. We already have a whole blog idea ready to go for the summer. I feel like I will be more  motivated to blog about wine and food because that is my passion! Who knows if I get a job dealing with social media I can continue on with this one. You never know where life can take you!

Posted by: ellyterhaar | April 20, 2011

Community vs Competition

Would you rather have a  community or competition based class? That is the question for the day. We discussed in class the other day if you would rather have competition or community with your classmates. Personally, I would rather have community, but competition is usually how class works.

Being a communication studies major I think I am more used to competition than community. Even though I would like it to be more community based. In this major we work a lot in groups. I always feel that there is always that one person to do all the work and there is always a person who does not put in any work. With working in teams you have to be able to work as a group and get the best grade possible. However, there is that one person who wants to get a better grade in the group. I am not saying communication studies majors are selfish and only want to sabotage their team members. I am saying being able to work in a team is a major skill that everyone should have. I have learned it from school because I was never in sports teams. I choose to sing my way through high school! I do not regret my decision doing that and am glad I learned valuable skills in college.

Over my four years at Edgewood College, I have worked in plenty of groups and teams. I truly think it is a skill. Being in a communications major helps you build this sense of team work. Would you rather be more community or competition based in the classroom?

Posted by: ellyterhaar | April 14, 2011

Procrastination is NOT the answer

Recently I have been noticing that I have been more unproductive toward the end of the semester. Call it senioritis, call it month away from graduation jitters. I plan on being productive but the internet is my worst enemy!

When I sit down and work on homework I try to focus, but it’s hard. I find myself checking Facebook, Hootsuite and my email every ten minutes. It’s an addiction! Who knew this girl would start getting addicted to social media! It is as much fun and helpful at the same time. Yes, some days you want to be off of it, and that is perfectly fine. Before my social media class I never thought I would be so addicted to the internet. I have to say that it is a lot of fun to check what everyone is saying on twitter. I think my favorite part is to see what Ellen DeGeneres tweets pictures are. Here is the home stretch to a new life full of social media and new experiences!

Posted by: ellyterhaar | April 12, 2011

Life after college

As I walk to school I can officially hear the birds chipping. I hear people roaming the hallways discussing their summer countdowns. Though I am excited for the summer heat there is a certain anxiety this summer will bring.  For me and so many others graduating this year from college that anxiety comes from the opportunities, or lack thereof, in the job market. Though it is stressful I know I will eventually find employment and it will likely be because of my education and experiences from Edgewood College. During our social media class one tool that I thought would be particularly helpful was LinkedIn. This professional networking site allows you to connect with career opportunities and create a professional profile with resume included. Even with initial hesitations, I have come to realize what a valuable tool LinkedIn can be.

LinkedIn can connect you with potential employers, companies and people you may know. The home page gives you suggestions for places that you can work and groups you might be interested in and some job opportunities are posted on LinkedIn only. So as summer rolls around for graduating seniors like me, LinkedIn is truly a god send.

Posted by: ellyterhaar | April 8, 2011

A Piece of My Childhood

I am going to get personal.  For the past couple of hours I have been trying to procrastinate and figure out what I want to blog about. While procrastinating I did the one thing I love do, clean. Various ideas came to mind about different blog topics and I realized that today I want to blog about something more personal. Something that I truly care about. In class we were talking about how blog posts should be about something you care about. Don’t just talk about the weather.

I came to Madison four years ago to go to college. My whole life I grew up thirty minutes away from Washington D.C. I took advantage of living so close to the capital that I never really appreciated how cool all of the monuments and museums are. I have been to most of them but after one time you feel like you have done the tourist thing. One thing that never got old was going to see the cherry blossoms in late March early April. For four years I have missed my favorite part about living back home. When I was logging into I saw a blog that had a picture of cherry blossoms on it. It caught my attention and I had to read it. It was a nice reminder of my childhood.

Every year we would go to the Cherry Blossom Festival. This festival is only two weeks long. When you walk down in the middle of thousands of cherry blossoms your body gets intoxicated by the fruity smell. Your face gets warmed by the sun and the cool breeze from the river brushes across your face. Yes, I remember my last time going there like it was just yesterday. It truly is a one of a kind experience. I guess you can say sometimes I get a little homesick.

Posted by: ellyterhaar | April 5, 2011

So you think you can live tweet?

So you think you can live tweet? I think this would be a perfect game idea for a show. Have a contest to see who the best at live tweeting an event is. I would probably be one of the first ones to be eliminated! Like they say practice makes perfect!

In my social media class we are practicing live tweeting. So far, we have tweeted the first game of the Brewers and one Kitchen Table Talks with @chrisbrogan. Let me tell you it is more work than you think! I find it hard to keep up. When you finally have something to say someone has either already said it or it isn’t relevant anymore. Make sure you are good at multitasking. Make sure you can have one ear open and your hands typing fast. Read others live tweets and see if you can start a conversation to make it fun. Also make a special hash tag so that everyone can see your ideas in one place. Tip: check to see if the hash tag is taken before you get one started. Just a few of my ideas on live tweeting. By the end of this class I will be a pro!

Posted by: ellyterhaar | March 31, 2011

Damn You, Auto Correct!


Ever wonder what would happen if your auto correct on your phone messed up when writing to a colleague or even boss? Luckily for me, I don’t have to worry about that because I don’t have a smart phone! Be aware of auto correct! But could also end up as an entertaining conversation.  @Lieselolson tweeted out a website that I have heard of but never read. Damn You Auto Correct shows you funny ways of how technology could have the potential of making you coming off the wrong way. Some of these mistakes are truly one of a kind! My favorite one on this top 10 list is Toby!

The one that Liesel had on her Twitter was about work related auto correct. I just found out that you can also follow @damnyouac on Twitter! I used to entertain myself by reading Texts From Last Night, now I have a new website to read. I guess you can call this website my new guilty pleasure!

Posted by: ellyterhaar | March 29, 2011

What turns you off about a Twitter bio?

I was looking at what my social media ninja’s and guru’s were talking about after class today and stumbled upon a great link that was retweeted by @Lieselolson. Topic: 5 phrases that ruin your Twitter bio. I never realized that people look at your Twitter bio for a first impression. For Amber Avines, the Twitter bio could make or break who follows you.

I am in the clear! None of these are in my bio! I have to agree that if someone put either their political views or religious views in their Twitter bio that would make me not want to follow them. Everyone has different views and they should not want make us think a certain way. The other “rule” I definitely see is that people tell you that they tweet a lot or they always follow you back. Chances are that the person really doesn’t care! So make your Twitter bio personable and a little fun to catch the eye of a client or new friend.

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